Hairy Situations in our House

Because no outfit is complete without a little cat hair!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Who me? *blush*

One reason that I am enjoying blogging so much is the interaction I have had with other bloggers and readers. And I am so honored and excited to share my first award for Life with 4 Purrs:
Thanks so much to Anya and Kareltje for passing this award on to me. The "kids" are so proud! Oscar is even meowing his thanks and appreciation. Oh. Wait. No. That means he wants some food.
For some more furry friend fun, go check out Anya's blog. She is from the Netherlands! How cool is that!?!
And my friend Shelley's blog too. She has the sweetest ragdoll kitty ever! (Hi Muffin!)
And we all share one thing in common, we are all the World's Best Cat Mom!


  1. Congrats :)...You DEFINITELY deserve this award--MOM of 4 purrs :) (Too bad there aren't four cats in the award LOL!!

  2. Thanks for your sweet words :))
    And YES we are all the World's Best Cat Moms LOL
    Many sweet greetings (@^.^@)