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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Meows and purrs to the bloggy world! Its me, Oscar here to let all the kitty readers in on a little fun secret: it is time for the humans to do some Spring Cleaning! For those of you who aren't familiar with this practice it is the purrfect time for us clever felines to get into a little extra mischief. It is also the time to hoard all the things you don't want washed and/or tossed! The Keeper of the Cans began (KotC) her Spring Cleaning this weekend. Here are some signs that Spring Cleaning is near:
1. KotC started looking more anxoious and worried each time she looked in the pantry.
2. Boxes fell on the KotC's head when she opened the cupboard.
3. KotC starred at the cupboards and pantry for large amounts of time while scratching her head.

If you are able to catch these warning signs you will then see the following happen:
1. Large black bags were filled and left all over the kitchen, which Buttercup got yelled at when she started to lick them. I'm am scratching my whiskers as to why she licks all plastic in the first place.
2. My paper bags which I had formed into a nest disappeared from the pantry floor.
3. New hiding places were opened. And a warning for all of you. No matter how excited you may be to explore these new hide outs, don't ever let the humans catch you in a compromising position. Little Bear crawled in the spinning cupboard undetected and got to explore for ten whole minutes. I, on the other hand, got caught looking like this:I just hate it when they get pictures of me looking curious and adorable. I am a man ya know! And a handsome one at that!

So fellow felines you have been warned. Enjoy your time on that favorite paper bag of yours for soon it may be gone!

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