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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Self-scooping litter box FAIL!

I've been wanting to tell this story, but had to kinda "cool down" and find the humor in it first. I'm there now. So here goes:

I have 4 cats. They poop. A lot. I have 4 litter boxes, strategically placed downstairs so that if they all have to "go" at the same time, they can.
One of these boxes was donated by my parents. It is the Littermaid self-scooping litter box. Here is why they donated it to me: SAM. He is large like a horse and therefore poops like one. The motor in this litter box had to work SO HARD to scoop Sam's stuff that it would actually fling it out onto the floor, where Sam would resume "burying" it in the carpet. I know, funny, right? Oh and I will add that the reason the litter box was upstairs is because Sam was afraid of the basement (where all the litterboxes are). And now you know why his nick-name is Baby Huey.So I have been enjoying the heck outta this litter box. It never flinged poop at my house! Whenl we returned from our cruise, Someone, and I'm not accusing any individual for this may have been a group effort (but I think it was Oscar), pooed SO much on the scooping mechanism that it became plastered in place and the motor burned up. What posseses a cat to poo on the side of something? How is that even possible?
So alas, it was with great sadness that I threw out the unfixable scooper and bought a new box (at 20% off!). And the side pooing has not stopped! In fact, last week someone left a trail from in the box, on the lip of the opening, and then one right in front. What the crap, cats?!?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Featured Shelter

I consider all of my cats to be "rescued" in one way or another though only two of them were officially adopted through a shelter. There are so many cats and dogs out there that need awesome people to give them what they deserve: a forever home. In an effort to help out, since I am no longer able to foster, I would like to feature a shelter every week or so, as well as a few of their adoptable animals. If you have a shelter or animal you would like to see featured, just contact me and let me know. I'd be glad to do a post.

So the first featured shelter I'd like to introduce is Animal Protectors of Allegheny Valley. They are located in New Kensington, Pennsylvania and they are a small no-kill shelter. I fostered several litters of kittens from APAV and the volunteers there are wonderful.
Here are some cuties in need of a home. Know of any?

Poor Leo suffered an eye injury, and when it didn't heal and developed minor complications, his owner wanted him euthanized. Saved by the vet in charge, Leo is recovering nicely from his injury and now finds himself homeless. Leo is just a youngster, roughly 1 1/2 years old.
Marissa's sleek, shiny black coat is eye-catching indeed! Yet, black cats are the least likely to be adopted. Who knows why. It certainly makes no sense in Marissa's case! She is friendly, affectionate, and playful, and would fit in well in any pet-loving household. Marissa is getting tired of living at the shelter, and needs to be adopted soon.

Meet Letterman: Male - Solid Grey – 2 yrs.- Neutered
This boy is a real comedian, just like his namesake! He sleeps on his back like a dog, and his leg even shakes when he dreams. He also loves to be petted, and rolls around in comical way. He arrived at the shelter completely non-plussed, which is very unusual for a cat. With his easy-going, roll-with-the punches attitude, he would fit into most any pet-loving home.

Something interesting about APAV is they are known as Pit Bull alley. Why they get so many stray Pitt Bulls is beyond me, but in any case they do. These dogs get a bad rap when with the proper homes and owners they are perfect little angels. I have a friend with a pitt mix and she is a sweetie!

Hector is a one and a half year old male pit bull mix.

Volunteer Comments:
When Hector first came into the shelter, I thought he was scared because he was so quiet and didn't bark, jump, and go crazy like his kennel mates to be let out. But that is just him. He is very calm, pretty quiet, and sometimes a little bit shy, but he is very loving and just wants love and attention. He loves his walks, and loves to be petted and get love. He also likes to sit on the picnic table and give kisses. I think anyone would be lucky to adopt him; he will make a great pet.

Great dog. Very friendly. I believe he knows sit and paw (not positive though). Loves to give kisses! I would love to have him as my own.

Roper is a two and a half-year-old male pit bull mix. Roper and a companion, Allie, were abandoned on a wintry day, tied to a post in an Alley. Roper is much more outgoing than Allie with a very bouncy and energetic personality. This adult male would benefit from a strong, alpha-type owner.
Dog Walker Comments - Roper is a very sweet, energetic dog. He was exceptionally good for his bath. He can pull while walking, but he will stop when told to. Although he seems a bit hyper, I believe he will make a good pet for someone.

Thinking of adopting a rescued Pit Bull? Here are some informative websites that should help!

Pass the kleenex! I didn't realize that even looking through the shelter's list to post about them would be so touching and difficult for me. Please remember to spay and neuter your pets to help cut down on the stray problem. Also if you aren't able to take another pet, please consider helping your favorite shelter in other ways. Volunteer if you can. You don't have to have contact with the animals if that is too hard. You can help them with paperwork or help them fundraise. They are always glad for anything you are able to do.

Remember that by adopting a homeless pet, you are saving a life!

Info on animals listed here is directly from the shelters PetFinder site. For more info please contact the shelter. Thanks!

Spring Cleaning

Meows and purrs to the bloggy world! Its me, Oscar here to let all the kitty readers in on a little fun secret: it is time for the humans to do some Spring Cleaning! For those of you who aren't familiar with this practice it is the purrfect time for us clever felines to get into a little extra mischief. It is also the time to hoard all the things you don't want washed and/or tossed! The Keeper of the Cans began (KotC) her Spring Cleaning this weekend. Here are some signs that Spring Cleaning is near:
1. KotC started looking more anxoious and worried each time she looked in the pantry.
2. Boxes fell on the KotC's head when she opened the cupboard.
3. KotC starred at the cupboards and pantry for large amounts of time while scratching her head.

If you are able to catch these warning signs you will then see the following happen:
1. Large black bags were filled and left all over the kitchen, which Buttercup got yelled at when she started to lick them. I'm am scratching my whiskers as to why she licks all plastic in the first place.
2. My paper bags which I had formed into a nest disappeared from the pantry floor.
3. New hiding places were opened. And a warning for all of you. No matter how excited you may be to explore these new hide outs, don't ever let the humans catch you in a compromising position. Little Bear crawled in the spinning cupboard undetected and got to explore for ten whole minutes. I, on the other hand, got caught looking like this:I just hate it when they get pictures of me looking curious and adorable. I am a man ya know! And a handsome one at that!

So fellow felines you have been warned. Enjoy your time on that favorite paper bag of yours for soon it may be gone!

We LOVE Greenies!

Buttercup munching on her Greenies!

My cats are all purrs and meows about Greenies. And I love them because they are only 1 calorie for each piece AND they are great for their teeth! Since my 4 crazies are all different sizes, though mostly chubby, I feel like feeding them a few of these treats once or twice a week is ok.Oscar begging for a Greenie. Yes, he begs for these things!

Have you tried Greenies yet? They make them in several flavors for cats and dogs. Go HERE for a free sample!

I did this post because I think Greenies are an awesome treat for my cats. I do not get paid or compensated in any way by Greenies or anyone else. I doubt if the makers of Greenies even know that this post exists

Friday, April 17, 2009

Uncle Sam

Sam is my parents cat, therefore making him an "Uncle" to my furkids. Sammie is a big beautiful Polydactyl kitty, meaning he has extra toes! At the last vet visit Sam weighted over 20 pounds so now he is on a diet that consists of almost exclusively canned food. Oddly enough, the canned food does something for a cat's metabolism to help them lose weight. Don't you wish there was chocolate that did that for people? Here's an aerial view so you can see just how big Sammie is. He takes up a nice chunck of that rug. Can you see his "thumb"?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A not so wordless Wednesday

When my family first saw the litter of 7 kittens (and mom) that I was fostering they said that this one was "homely". And that was reason enough for me to keep her. My little princess Buttercup arrived with a dirty nose and teensy mew and my heart melted. I was hooked. And through all of her little quirks I still am.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Who me? *blush*

One reason that I am enjoying blogging so much is the interaction I have had with other bloggers and readers. And I am so honored and excited to share my first award for Life with 4 Purrs:
Thanks so much to Anya and Kareltje for passing this award on to me. The "kids" are so proud! Oscar is even meowing his thanks and appreciation. Oh. Wait. No. That means he wants some food.
For some more furry friend fun, go check out Anya's blog. She is from the Netherlands! How cool is that!?!
And my friend Shelley's blog too. She has the sweetest ragdoll kitty ever! (Hi Muffin!)
And we all share one thing in common, we are all the World's Best Cat Mom!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Hilarious Cat Cartoons

I was doing my usual blog browsing when I saw this post at EightyMPHMom which then inspired me to watch the other Simon's cat videos. Have you seen them?
I can relate to all of them in some way or another, but the one that made me laugh the most was this one!

But I swear if any of my cats point to their mouths with their paw I am running far far away!