Hairy Situations in our House

Because no outfit is complete without a little cat hair!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Uncle Sam

Sam is my parents cat, therefore making him an "Uncle" to my furkids. Sammie is a big beautiful Polydactyl kitty, meaning he has extra toes! At the last vet visit Sam weighted over 20 pounds so now he is on a diet that consists of almost exclusively canned food. Oddly enough, the canned food does something for a cat's metabolism to help them lose weight. Don't you wish there was chocolate that did that for people? Here's an aerial view so you can see just how big Sammie is. He takes up a nice chunck of that rug. Can you see his "thumb"?


  1. HE is a big guy. Is he related to the Hemmingway cats?? They have that extra toe.

    I love it that he is an uncle to your cats. LOL!

  2. thanks for stoppig by and saying hi. I have four kitties also. My friend has some cats that have extra toes, they sure different looking.