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Monday, March 9, 2009

Let me introduce meow-self...

I am Oscar P. Fleas. What does the "P" stand for you ask? Pumpkin. Not one of my prouder moments letting the humans talk me into that name. But at least they usually just call me Oscar. Yes, I was named after the furry green guy from Sesame Street. Because, supposedly, I looked grouchy when I was disturbed from my naps as a kitten. Let me just add, wouldn't you be grouchy too? The human I refer to as The Provider of My Food (POMF) is running this new blog and wanted one of us (her four cats) to give a little introduction about ourselves and what we will be posting about. I immediately volunteered. After all, I have many roles here including being the head of the welcoming committee. So I, Oscar of the house of four purrs, welcome you, reader, to our newly established blog. May you find many posts to scratch on...oh not that kind of post? Well what good is this thing then?...ahem....make yourself at home. And now, my human would like to say a few words.

Thanks Oscar. What a lovely intro. I know you love me for more than just providing your food. But we can reveal your softer side in a later post. Welcome to my blog about cats. Mostly the four I own, but I know there will be a few appearances by some cousins and maybe even friends. And so we are all on the same page, here are my four purr-babies in order of age:
Little Bear has been with us almost 5 years.
We got Oscar (as seen at top of post) in October of 2005, he will be four in August.

Buttercup was from a litter of seven that I fostered the 2007. We had to keep her. Ok, I had to keep her.
And Bunnie was my last foster in 2008. She will be one in May.

So there you have the cast of "characters" that will be telling their tales on Life with 4 Purrs. I hope you will share some of your pet stories with us as well. Thanks for stopping and see you soon.

PS Oscar requests that you bring catnip!


  1. Yay!! Great pics and I look forward to learning more about your furbabies.

    Life with a cat is truly a wonderful experience, isn't it

  2. Hi.
    I'm just passing by via SITS.
    Have a great day!

  3. I love this! Hysterical! I'll be back for more!